Sam I am

as of October 13th, my oldest is 6.
whoa. 6.
cliche time ... where did the time go?! seriously.

having that first baby is sooooo exciting. the horror stories will and do freak you out a bit, but ultimately, excitement takes over.
usually all the unexpected stuff is enough to drive you insane, but in this case, it isn't too scary since you know you will have an adorable, tiny, heaven-smelling, perfect, piece of love in your arms. its blissful.

so fast forward 6 years and now I have a very talkative, proud bubble maker (that's farting in our house!), athletic, and silly little boy. he's a 1st grade smarty-pants and a new cub scout. I'm awfully proud.

he's still perfect.
although, I do miss nap time.

I have always been so thankful that he in whole in every way. God did give me a perfect piece of love ... one that I do still try to hold in my arms, but those moments aren't quite as much as the earlier years. he's still a mama's boy, but he really LOVES to wrestle with daddy, get tickled, and run crazy ... and now that Elliott is here, the 3 of them go crazy together.

to mothers of boys ... a piece of advice -
I taught both boys from the beginning to jump on daddy, not mommy. I strongly suggest you do the same! these boys eat constantly and are growing like weeds, so I know they will be bigger than me in no time ... honestly, they hurt me already! so instead, I opt to watch, laugh my head off, and [hopefully] get some good pictures from those play sessions. :)

Dearest Samuel,
You are loved more than you could possibly know.
Happy 6th Birthday.
xo, Mama

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