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Attention readers ... just an fyi
I DO NOT endorse the advertisments on my page.

does this need to be said?

those of you who know me, [hopefully] know that I do not, would not, and will not watch Skins on MTV. no. I was never much of a MTV follower even when it was cool. but I have to say, today it is so. not. cool. total trash. sorry to you who feel otherwise. I feel stupider (is that a word? or is it more stupid? see that? I don't know. how 'bout dumber?) and dirty, like I need a shower for watching. as far as I'm concerned, nothing good comes from MTV, not even the music anymore.
is this my old age talking? could I be an old fuddy-duddy now? maybe ... but that's not the point.

the other ad I saw was for HP. now first let me say, I'm no tech-y. I am only partial to Apple because I've had waaaaaaaaay fewer issues with it than any desktop/pc I've had. but I'm simple, I just want to turn it on and have it work ... is that so much to ask?!
my hubby's grandfather is one of the original staff members of HP from back when it started. He knew Hewlett & Packard; I can't remember his title now, but they all worked together at whatever executive level it was. anyway, my point is, even grandpa has an apple ... 2 in fact.
bye bye HP. you are not welcome in my home.

have you seen these ads?
chances are the ads will change to make me look crazy, I'm sure.

I thought Adsense was suppose to post things that have something to do with this blog ... to pull out the good & interesting things I write about and advertise that stuff. if you're interested in the nonsense I write, than you might actually click on the ad to find out the real facts. ha! but right?!
and if you do click, somehow I earn 1/2 a cent ... but it all adds up, so click away. I think I promised I wouldn't click, but does that mean I can't recruit you? that might be cheating, I'm not sure. maybe after this I'll get an email to tell me how I've violated the terms ... blah, blah, blah ... and then I will laugh. :)

so here's my plan ... I will now type random things Adsense can advertise about it. in theory it should work, right?

shoes, Hawaii, beaches, travel, coffee, school, design/decor, library/books, food, kids, parenting, Jesus, crafts, farming, hiking, camping, donations/charity, health & exercise, weather/rainbows, movies, music ...
start there and let me know when you need more ideas. thanks Adsense.

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