getting over the blog hump

the most difficult thing to beginning anything, is having the correct mindset to do it. starting the biggest hump to get over ... and, what's the point of this blog if I don't post. right?

the problem is always, where to begin?
at the beginning?
hope you're not holding your breath ... that's not happening.
or maybe you're not doing that.

either way, here's the basics of my life since my last post -
* my first baby turned 6, which means my second baby is 2 1/2 now.
* I've signed up for a class and am excited to get back in the design world.
* I am in touch with someone who I thought was long lost from my past. thanks to facebook, it really is a small world!
* we're finding our homeschooling rhythm!
* and sadly, marriage problems are arising ... hey, I'm going to get some guts and finally begin to post about it. maybe it will help others? maybe not. maybe I'll just vent, but I promise to do it tastefully and not just bitch, k? I'm realizing because I'm such a "feeler," God uses things/people I care about the most to expose those feelings, right or wrong, good or bad ... which is why my marriage has been on such a roller coaster ride. a post within itself I suppose ... for another day.

and now you know my life is not all puppy dogs and rainbows.
consider yourself warned.

and [hopefully] I'll get into more detail about my list sooner than later ... because I'm sure you are all dying to know ... right?! :)

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Morgan said...

Of course we're dying to know! :) I love reading your blog, Katie!