I used to have a hard time getting Sam to sit down and color, but now that he's almost 6, he likes to sit and draw. I love to see what goes on in that mind of his, because with every picture there is a story that goes with it. its so adorable.

here is his latest drawing -
Sam: "he's a warrior going on a mission"
Matt: "are those his privates?"
Sam: "yep"
Matt: "you don't have to draw those, you know"
Sam: "but I want to"

ok then

Matt took him to the Polynesian Cultural Center earlier this week and along with the luau, there is a very awesome show called Ha: Breath of Life. this show has 100+ actors/dancers, and simply, its AWESOME. check out the website and watch the trailer for the show.

the basic story is based on the circle of life and the relationship between a boy and his father. there are scenes where his dad teaches him how to fight as a boy, later on their village gets attacked, then towards the end there are the fire dancers. Sam loved the show, and apparently is still thinking about it.
I think he added his "privates" because all the men wear are these toga-type, loin cloths ... as in, one wrong move and we see everything ... of course on stage, I'm sure they have some kind of plan b. :)

if you ever come to Oahu, take a day and go here. definitely worth it!

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Judah is really into drawing, too. So fun!