attached at the hip

literally overnight, Elliott has gotten major separation anxiety. major.

I can't leave him in the cart at Costco during the checkout process anymore. I'm what, 3 feet away?! he used to LOVE talking with whoever was there loading the cart. he's not shy, but for whatever reason, he's not having it anymore.
today we went to the beach; it was the perfect morning for snorkeling. hubby and I have to take turns because Elliott isn't swimming yet, so my turn comes and he flips out as I go into the water. when you snorkel, you're floating on top [mostly] and so your ears go in and out of the water. I heard that boy crying and screaming the entire time I was out. apparently daddy does not suffice.

those are just the latest examples.

I was beginning to think Elliott was going to skip this stage altogether. I only vaguely remember Sam having this "issue," but it must not of been that bad if I don't really remember, right?

this too shall pass. sigh.

like I said, he's not a shy boy. Samuel and Elliott both have gotten my husband's gifting of loving people. they can easily talk with others ... which this mom is slightly paranoid about, but ultimately, I know it's God's gifting for them.

and I have to say, for Elliott especially, he can make people smile that you would NEVER expect to see smile. you know those people? angry, old people, or anyone who obviously is having a bad day; when they get a look at Elliott's face, they crack ... and I really love to witness those moments.

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