my today

during Elliott's naptime, I took big brother Sam out. just the two of us. it was fun.
I want to make sure that he isn't always grouped with the things his brother needs to do, because simply, he's isn't a baby anymore.
we walked to the dollar store and bought a few things, but Sam picked out a parachute diver ... know what that is? it's a boy toy. :)
he also picked out a balloon for his kindergarten teacher for her birthday tomorrow. instead of getting one that says Happy Birthday, he chose a star with America's stars and stripes on it. he insisted.
then we also went to one of my favorite places for lunch, Chipotle.

he's turning into a pretty cool kid. he's got quite the imagination. we played I-Spy the whole time.

what a GREAT way to spend my 2 hours of free time. I love that kid!

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