I am not my own

more and more I am being shown that I am not my own. we are taught by the world to have, take, or keep control of our lives, but really, God has control. total control. to me, that's comforting. scary at times, but ultimately, it's comforting.

change of subject, but I'll bring it all back together ...

moving to CO I had to chop my hair. the elevation totally flattened it and I didn't know what to do with it. honestly, I don't care about my hair. sometimes I try to be a girly girl, but it's fake and it lasts only a short time. it's just not in me to care or get excited about it.

with these 2 thoughts running around in my head, I finally got to put them together with a 3rd thought ...

for whatever reason, my heart aches for people affected by cancer. it's a disease that comes no matter what you do to avoid it. a disease with no sure cure available. people of all ages gets it. no one knows why or how.

I really don't have too much experience with cancer. I don't know my family tree that far back, but of the ones I know, there are a couple that have died from cancer. but their deaths came from their lifestyle of smoking; in my opinion, their own stupidity. but from what I remember, I don't think they had to go through chemo and loose their hair. the cancer was either too far gone or came on too fast.
I also got involved with a mom's club a couple years ago, and I became the community outreach contact for the group. I'd set up park clean-up days, get us in the local parades, and one year, got us involved with the Relay for Life, which is a huge event to raise money for cancer awareness and research. I was so happy to help and so heartbroken at the candlelight vigil held that night.

all that put together equal this ...

seeing and understanding that I am not my own, and I don't really care about my hair, and I somehow want to help ease the pain of cancer, I've decided to get involved with Pantene and their Beautiful Lengths program. I don't particularly like Pantene products, their too heavy for me, but they have this great program with the American Cancer Society.

so hair donation has been added to my bucket list. :)
wish me luck to grow my hair that long!! should be interesting. I haven't had long hair since high school I think.

Here are some other programs to get involved with if you're interested too.

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