as much as I dislike CA, here is something else I've learned from my trip.

one day I took the boys to the lake. going to the ocean is a lot of work! plus it's huge with tons of people ... I require 2 adults for that one, but the lake is doable so we spent many days there.

at most beaches you will see the "swim area" roped off, which is the area that the lifeguard watches. moms with kids, especially multiple kids, feel better having another set of eyeballs on their kids, making sure no one is drowning. cheers to lifeguards!

one day we went, we were early and could choose any spot on the beach. but since I'm the one who ends up carrying everything, I choose the first empty spot I see, which is on the edge of the roped off area.

so we're hanging out, swimming, playing in the sand, having our picnic, it was a great day. Sam was walking around and found a small school of fish. he was so excited! his excitement took him wherever the fish went ... da da dum ... outside of the roped off area. of course the lifeguard blew his whistle and told Sam he couldn't play over there.

on the one hand, I also was dealing with Elliott and was happy to have a "babysitter" with me in case Sam was in trouble. but on the other hand it really bothered me that those rules are so strict. he was in the water to his ankles, and really, is it so dangerous on that side of the rope and not the other? in my opinion, no it's not.

it's got me thinking ...
as parents, we are choosing to raising our boys with a kingdom perspective. yes the details of life are important, but in a kingdom perspective the big picture is vital. the big picture in our house is God's plan, the kingdom being the whole world, or having the potential to be.

in the scope of things, being outside the rope is so trivial. however when dealing with kids, you begin teaching the basics ... like following the rules and stay inside the rope.

I don't ever want to be hypocritical, I think that's why this is bugging me. I feel like I have to teach Sam the world's "right way" and then when he gets that, I can teach him God's right way. I know that's wrong ... typing that even feels wrong! it seems one needs to know the rules backwards and forwards, and only then are you allowed to bend them ... like knowing outside the rope is just as safe/dangerous as being on the inside.

in school he's learning about God, His rules, and how to pray. is he really spiritual yet? with all the rebellion, I'd have to say no way ... haha, of course all that is between him and God. but he's learning it in his head before learning it and living it with his heart.

I think the social norms the world has created and emphasized are starting to stand out to me. know what I'm talking about? please leave me a comment with your thoughts.

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Robyn said...

I do know what you mean! I tell Jake all the time, that this is what you're going to learn, but it may not be right. The hard part is that he's not getting God at school and I have to make sure he gets Him somehow, because the world, starting at school, wants to keep him from Him.
You're a good mommy for caring about your boys' little souls!