hurry up Tuesday

it's good to be back in Colorado! California is a great place to visit, but God willing, I don't ever want to live there again. I am thankful for the relationships I've gained, (especially my husband) but the hype of CA is not for me. my parents live out there, so I will be back ... someday.

it's almost fall in CO. the weather is so perfect right now. when fall really hits, wow. and especially from our new place, whew! I can't wait to see it myself. we will be surrounded by pines and aspens, with a view of a little lake and Pikes Peak. I will definitely post pictures. it will be a postcard.
our move date is by the 15th. the owners had it staged for showings, so they still have stuff to get out. I'm so anxious! each day closer to the 15th goes slower and slower. oh my goodness, will it ever get here?!

moving means -
the kids will finally stop fighting and getting into serious trouble. it's been a major headache!
we will be out of suburbia ... mostly. whoo hoo!
we can stop living out of suitcases
finally set-up our homeschooling stuff the right way
I have a major need to get organized - like nesting only I'm not pregnant

most of you know, we've moved around a lot. let's see we've been married 9 years; with all the ups and downs of our relationship, and whatever the other reasons are for moving, we done it a good 10 times now. I've got to say, this next place I believe we'll be at for awhile, God willing. hubby is setting up this business and he'll be starting his office literally out of the lower level of our home; he's already got staff and technicians, so he needs to stay put for all that. plus, this is as close to our desire as possible right now. one day we'd like to get a piece of land that has spring or well water, build a house, use solar power, grow food, etc "off the grid" as he like to say. with this house the one thing we have is the location, and that's good enough for now.

like I said, God willing!

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