my husband is the first person I have ever met that sincerely does not enjoy his birthday.  it is not so much about getting older, but he just does not care one way or the other.  he wants to treat July 21 like every other day.
me on the other hand, I love my birthday.  growing up, I always felt special on my day (thanks mom and dad!) and so I like to do that same thing for my family.  small birthday parties, maybe a few presents, special dinner, and decorations.  nothing extravagant, but enough for that particular day to stand out from the rest.  your birthday is a celebration of what God has created - YOU!!
if hubby ignored my birthday, I would definitely be upset and disappointed.  my MIL told me earlier last week, by not receiving the blessing someone is trying to give you, you steal their blessing too. him not allowing me to celebrate him yesterday, I was also upset and disappointed.

what to do with a year-round Scrooge?  he is really not a fan of any holiday because he believes it is just corporate america making the rich richer ... to some extent I agree.  he also believes that all tradition is bad ... this I do not fully agree with.   still, no birthdays?

got any suggestions for me?


Robyn said...

My husband is the same. Well, I kind of am too. My Birthdays are no big deal, but if someone is trying to make it special, I let them. Since it's kind of uncomfortable around our birthdays, which are both in January, we just both go away for a weekend and call it our gift to each other. It recognizes the day, but keeps it mellow.
He's right that a lot of traditions have been exploited for money, which is too bad. So just recreate them the way you like them!

steve said...

um, create new traditions?

Seriously, so what if the intention of the holiday is to make Macy's rich? If you can't enjoy it (like everyone else) despite some corporate dufus 2000 miles away and 100 years ago, then the problem is with you, not them.

Tell him that his video games are also created only by corporate entities trying to make a profit. Activision created a product that he enjoys and which makes them rich. It doesn't seem to bother him there.

He says, "that's different!" He's right: You can't enjoy GTA4 without making RockStar & Gamestop rich. Christmas is different - you can enjoy it, without any benefit to anyone if that's what you want.

As a last resort, I can always come by with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch .. and try to talk some sense into him.