well, we're on the move again. not back to CA; same area of CO, just out of this particular house.
the bad news - hubby had to quit his job
some good news - hubby has begun his own business and so far, it's working!
more bad news - too late on rent to stay where we are. we had another garage sale to de-junk, then off into the in-laws basement. this also means we'll have to move it twice, again when we do move in somewhere else ... which SHOULD be when I get back home at the end of the month.
more good news - I'm thankful they're there!

I was nicely "sent" to CA to visit my family and friends while Matthew works on this business. missing your family when they're at home is hard and creates more pressure, missing your family while they're in another state is a bit easier to deal with. he needs to work 20 hours/day and feel guilt free about it. so here we are.
and I'm ok with hanging at the beach everyday!! I do miss it ... but I also know I do not want to live here again. it never did feel like home to me; I'm a WI girl. :)

SoCal is it's own little world, and you have to have money to survive. lots of it. to me, this place is just unrealistic. it feels fake. everyone has such a facade here, it's difficult to break through that to really get to know anyone. wonderful place to visit, and luckily we can, my parents will be here for the rest of their lives. for whatever reason, they love it here. I'm still kind of surprised I made it in 2008, but that's another story.

in a couple of weeks, we'll head up to NorCal. this place I love and miss, so I'm excited to visit. see you soon!!

if you have any fun and cheap ideas for fun, leave me a comment!

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steve said...

yeah I know what you mean about the CA facade. there really isn't any place like it, is there?