wiener, winner ... same thing

I was notified awhile ago but it seems I had to wait for it to come in the mail to believe it ... I won a blog giveaway!  whoo hoo!

$100 gift card to Dicks ... which we don't have here in my NorCal town.  the closest one is 2+ hours away.  but who cares?!  I won!

can't remember why I entered ... blogs that do giveaways want you to enter a bazillion times - follow me here, like me there, comment 500 times for 600 entries ... I can't keep up.  in fact, I've quit.  its just not fun anymore.

BUT ...
you can't win if you don't play!!  that I am thoroughly convinced of.
and ... I won!!  I won!!

thanks to VodkaMom!!!
which by the way, I love this blog.
you are a great writer.  I enjoy your sense of humor.  and I like that you reveal some of the real you on your blog.

(my 2 cents for bloggers ... all business is no fun.  if that's all you do, you must be a robot.  and boo to that.)

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