Thankful Thursday

Blessed are those that can give without remembering and receive without forgetting.
Author Unknown

My top 10 for this week ...

  1. I <3 fireworks.  I look forward to it every year, and now that I have kids, I know that these are the times they will remember as adults ... because I do.
  2. I have a friend coming to visit ... the true-blue, soul-mate kind of friend.
  3. I am scoring BIG on craigslist freebies!
  4. Understanding parents.
  5. I chose a complex that has a swimming pool over one that has washer/dryer in the apartment.  NorCal summers are HOT!
  6. People who are flexible ... I used to HATE having to be flexible.  I was forced to be for years, but I'm realizing that you can live without it.
  7. Filtered water!  I've been drinking the tap water ... can't say I've missed that at all.
  8. Surprise packages on my doorstep.  Thanks mom!
  9. Having non-super-picky eating children ... I've heard the stories!  I've had to put together some interesting concoctions this week, and I didn't get any complaints.
  10. Getting a new dishwasher on Friday.  whoo hoo!
What are you thankful for?


Sarah said...

Yay for dishwashers, freebies, surprises, etc.
Visiting from Curious Georgi. Thanks for checking out my blog.

Candra Georgi said...

SO excited that your friend will be visiting! i love those types of visits!

LivingFree said...

Love those type of friends. Have a great visit with her. I'd pick pool over laundry, any day :D

Corri Beth said...

Very cool thankfuls.
Those kind of friends are rare. Hold on to that. :)
And um, super yay for new dishwasher! lol. So helpful with kids!