workout busted

good news ... I've been getting up at 5am to walk at 6am (I have to wait for the sun to come up) and I've gotten used to it. I now love it in fact. I have time to have some coffee, head out with just me and my ipod, watch the sunrise, and sweat out my stress.
bad news ... today I got shin splints, bad. I have been getting them for the last couple of weeks, but nothing too terrible. I was always able to push through. it only comes to my right leg, and only as I walk downhill, not up. my walk is 2.5 miles total, so only about 1 mile is downhill. I couldn't even get 1/2 way and I had to turn around. big bummer to my morning.

good news ... so I decided to do some Wii Fit. I can now do the super-hoola for 10 minutes! yay me! I was getting a good sweat and then ...
bad news ... the batteries died in the remote. so I locate new ones, only to find they are not charged. another bummer. note: if you use rechargeable batteries, don't just throw them in the drawer when they die, CHARGE THEM! a certain someone needs this reminder .. its on the frustrating side to get going with something, like a work out, and have to stop as you're just starting to get into it.
good news, sort of ... I did a pilates video. I found it at the thrift store the other day for $2. its pilates for weight loss with Anna-somebody. I did it yesterday and am a bit sore today, which is why I wanted to walk instead. needless to say, the video was a bit more difficult!

good or bad, I still got me time. thank you God for keeping my kids asleep while I dealt with it all. today can still be a good day. :)

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Morgan said...

Oh man, I hate things go that way. Eric gets shin splints, too. Yuck!