never-ending laundry

one reason to get excited about moving from an apartment to a house, is having your very own washer and dryer. I miss it.
  • it's always available when you need it
  • you don't have to lug it down the street, always hoping your underwear doesn't fly out
  • you don't have to worry about someone stealing your clothes since you live a mile away from the machines
  • no one will move them for you, and touch all your underwear
  • and the big one, you don't have to put in quarters every time you use it!!
yes, I have "a thing" about other people's underwear ... just don't do it!

well, I'm in a condo again. all the above reasons still apply.
however, in Hawaii ...
  • no one is pushy. they don't move your stuff for you. instead it seems, they will just come back later and not be mad about it.
  • no one cares if your underwear goes flying. they will pick it up for you ... luckily it wasn't mine; Sam's superhero undies went flying in the wind, and also luckily, it was another mom who got them for me. :)
  • and its just $1/machine ... which every place I lived at in CA it was at least $1.50/machine
I've come to love the fact that I can get 4 loads done in the same time it takes to do 1... and that makes me supermom!
of course, I still have to lug it all over there. ugh.
be thankful for your washer and dryer today!

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Laura said...

I so feel you on this one! We don't have a washer/dryer and I am so, so sick of paying $3 to wash and dry a load. I'll pray for washers and dryers for both of us :)