S is for ...

I meant to do this awhile ago. it's one of those let-me-tell-you-about-myself games. so 10 S's about me ...

1. Sam - he is my first born son. he changed my world completely. I do my best not to "live through" my kids, but he is definitely my world while he still lets me. he just turned 4 years old, so how much longer will I get kisses, hugs, and hand holding? I hope forever.

2. Sunrise/Sunset - this is my favorite time of day. I'm rarely up for the sunrise; I was more in the first few months of having babies, but whenever possible, I sleep! a sunset is great to watch, especially over the ocean - gorgeous.

3. Silly - being silly means you're having fun and enjoying life. getting silly used to mean get high or have a few drinks - shame on me! - but now it's playing with the kids, not paying attention to what time it is, and just living in the moment. we all need more of this!

4. super-mom - I stay at home with my kids and I do love it. I'm incredibly blessed to be able to, and I never want to take that for granted. I will always take pointers from other super-moms; we need each other! if I could, I would do homeschool with Sam, do crafts and science experiments, bake [healthy] treats, read books with Elliott, do this blog, run my errands, have dinner ready at 6pm, while maintaining our nursing schedule, keeping the house clean and finishing my degree with night classes, every single day. I know I'm forgetting a couple things on that list. I'm good at multi-tasking, but I'm not quite super-mom ... that's ok.

5. scents - I LOVE the smell when you walk into a bakery; that very first sniff ... YUM! I also love fresh cut grass, fresh mountain air, my 2 perfumes - Beautiful by Estee Lauder and Baby Grace by Philosophy, I love the way babies smell, home-cooked meals, THANKSGIVING, cookies in the oven, most candle scents - although there are some very disgusting ones! and dryer sheets in the dryer.

6. Savior - my savior Jesus. what more is there to say about that?!

7. sales - I love finding deals, and I really love getting steals. when I have the time to dig - meaning when I can get out without my kids - I like thrift stores and garage sales, but the clearance racks at Target will do too!

8. sandals - easy to slip on and off; the perfect summer shoe is a flip-flop.

9. soda - something about Diet Pepsi is so yummy. I like Coke but not Diet Coke, I dislike Pepsi, but not Diet Pepsi. strange, huh?

10. sweets - last but certainly not least; my sweet tooth will make me do things I wouldn't normally do! I LOVE milk chocolate, anything ooey-gooey chocolatey is ok with me. there is a limit - those death by chocolate desserts are usually too much for me ... after a few bites that is!

let me know if you'd like a letter to do this too; I'll give you a good one.

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