reminders of home

I don't know how many of you read this regularly ... but here's an update.

my family and I have moved to Colorado.  our time in California has ended, for many reasons, so we're here for a fresh start.  hubby's family is here in Colorado Springs, and we've invaded their home for a couple of weeks until our new house is available on November 1st.  we'll be renting in the same neighborhood, that way, we'll have babysitters!

the drive here was beautiful.  it took us a full 2 days, but we had to go 55-60 the whole way with our big u-haul.  Utah looks like you're driving through the Grand Canyon ... I've never actually been there (I want to go) but it looks just like the pictures I've seen.  I took some pictures during the drive, but I cannot post those until I get unpacked and find the battery charger for my camera.

we've been here just a few days and it feels good.  I grew up in Illinois and Wisconsin, so it feels good to be in the mid-west again.  there are little, subtle differences, but for me, it's meaningful in some way.
* coming in the fall, the leaves are changing colors.  I've forgotten how bright the colors can be, even different from northern California.  bright yellow, ruby reds, shades of orange; a few trees are naked already.  in fact, there was snow the night before last ... and it was still there this morning!  I'm glad to be in a place that will have 4 distinctive seasons again.
*  I've forgotten all about basements.  we've been looking at tons of houses lately, some have finished basements.  finished or not, they're so cool to have.  if for nothing else, extra storage, something California homes do not have!
* I was so sick of stucco houses.  that is all southern California has, and they all look the same.  at least here, people can choose COLOR siding if they want.  very few houses here are stucco.
* mid-west people love to decorate, not always done well, but it's overall more festive out here.  christmas should be cool.
* I know greed is a worldwide sin, but people are just so darn nice here.  there are places where greed is much more common ... like southern California.  there is just so many people there, so competition is constantly in the air.  it feels good to get away from that being the norm.

I'm sure there is more ... this is what I can think of for now.
when I get unpacked, I'll post pictures of our new surroundings.  stay tuned.


Laura said...

Wow, i can't believe you guys are all the way in the Colorado now. You seem so much farther away, for some reason. I hope everything goes amazingly for you guys, and can't wait to see and hear all about your new life. Having family near by will be awesome, and Colorado sounds great so far! Love you!

mrskgrimm said...

I'll post more on all our reasoning some other time. it's one of those things that takes me awhile to fully get my mind, and my heart, wrapped around, ya know?
I'm sad I was never able to make a trip back to visit. I can't believe it's been a year already; I think of Chico often.

Anonymous said...

We spent a couple of days Colorado Springs this summer and a week in the state of Colorado, and really liked it there.. It sounds like your initial impressions are as good as ours. I'm really happy for you guys and will be eagerly watching this blog to see how your transition is going.

Also, it looks like we'll be taking another trip there next summer, around Labor Day, so keep that in mind - we'd love to see you guys.

mrskgrimm said...

that's awesome Steve, definitely call us.

Erika said...

Wow! What a big move for you guys, Katie! I'm reading Fast Food Nation right now and most of it is about the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas. Very fascinating if you have any spare minutes to read! I hope things are going well for you...we'll miss you over here in California!