noise complaint

so.  my neighbors are against me.

I come home to find a noise complaint from the office on my door.  I go down there and say "WTF?!"  no, not exactly, I used nicer words than that, but that's what I wanted to say.
I was told multiple neighbors have complained about the noise coming from my apartment.  specifically crying.

so I say, "Listen, I will not give in to my child just so he'll be quiet and not have a tantrum.  I'm not that kind of parent."
"well, you need to be respectful of those around you."
"yea, I get that.  its tight quarters; we all have to deal with each other.  but isn't this a family community?!"

and back and forth we went.  sigh.

I know who it was too.  I am neighbors with a borderline crazy cat lady.  you should hear her talk to these cats ... which btw, this complex does not allow pets.  just saying.

my complaint also mentioned one of my children running around naked outside.
c'mon people!
inappropriate is if I did that, not my 3 year old.

why couldn't she/they come to me first?  I got no "neighborly" warnings, not even dirty looks to my face.
I hate the word hate ... but I strongly dislike people who have nothing better to do than to find something to complain about.

boo on you crazy cat lady.

the end.

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